Thursday, 22 December 2011


I'm a girl who sleep around 4 and wake up around 3 something :D 
But that just me..  
Seriously, I got CAN'T SLEEP FEVER!  I name that and that means I can't 
sleep around 12 to 2 but sleep at 4 in the morning and can't wake up
around 11 to 12 but wake up around 3 to 4   D: 
Next year section changed, change to MORNING..  s:
I need to sleep early and wake up early to make myself use to it..
Start that next week,  LOL! 
Now still holiday still can sleep late bit  HA H A H A 
my a bit is 4 in the morning..  HOW COOL! 
Facebook also not bad, still got hundred people online and post random stuff LOL!! 



I was thinking to do a video about my Facebook page.. /.\
Err... to get more support and likes. 
And I really hope this work cause I'm really working hard 
to get my page done..  D: 
So wish me luck and my sister, maybe..
She's helping me with her make up cause I don't know how to 
make up  LOL   -.- 
Hmm, I'm learning.. I watch make up tutorial in Youtube like EVERYDAY.. 
But me, myself.. I haven't try to make up so yeaa...   HA H A H A HA 

I admire girls with make up cause I really want to
 learn but I just don't know where to start ..

Lately, I discover something, something I always do and now 
I realize is wrong..  Example: A random human send you a message in
Facebook and that random human call you to give some support for him/her
page or any picture.. Guess what.. I always ignore them and [X] the conversation.
But when I start sharing my page, Yeaa.. I sent message to random people
to call them to give some support and I feel unwanted and useless 
cause that random human don't give a shit to care about me.. 
Seriously, life is too short, why don't you just give some support. 
Hey, "give some support" not " give some money "
What's wrong with that ?!?!?  You're famous but doesn't mean you don't have to die 
and forever young and be your famouster in Facebook  -.- 

p/s  I'm gossiping bout' your attitude or anything..  I'm just blogging my story :) 



testing testing..  LOL!!
I'm back, and I create a new page in Facebook.. 
And I need your guys to SHARE & LIKE!  Means support 
so click this -> 敬岚 And click the "LIKE" button THANKS! 

I really need your support cause you can see my page is damn hell
"LAME" so give some support!  And thank you  :D 


Tuesday, 13 December 2011



Hmmm, just come back from China about a week ago and 
guess what flight delay for one hour.  When going back that 
time also..   FLIGHT DELAY!   FOR ONE HOUR!! 
That makes me wanna die.. I'm tired and flight delay  D:  
Anyway, that time my mood was DOWN DOWN DOWN..  


I'm going mv tomorrow..  FOR REAL! 
Cause everytime I say I'm going to mv end up not going.   D:  

Blog more later   :D 


Sunday, 27 November 2011

hey, :)

Back to blog again, blog mood on XD

How's holiday, pees :)  Still got 4 more weeks then
holiday end..  D:  So fast. 
Next year pmr, omg ! I dont want study.. 
I go to school not study, is meet my friends. 
LOL !  asshole, I fail most of my subject in final exam. 

But i know which class I'm going, Same with 
Yuvvy,   :)   LOL!    


lazy bum

I admit I'm a lazy bum, really takes a lifetime to blog..
I'm just to lazy to blog. Anyway, came back from China 
about one week ago. Duh, China is beautiful then Malaysia FOR SURE.. 
5 Dec going to China AGAIN, not going back the same places I use 
to go on the 18 of Nov, except for Macau.  
Talking about Macau I love Macau.  LOL! 
Beautiful then GENTING, about a million times.. 


My mom said this picture look like a human with a
big head and two small little leg LOL! 

my sister and baby Sin Thwa.  From right- 
That girl I just know her..  LOL ! 

Bought my camera along but less use cause
lazy take out and take picture..  Except for 
family pictures.  LOL!

Continue blog LATER. 


Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Got my rm100 today, so damn happy. 
AHA H A HA HA~   :D 
School, usual BORING! Went back early and go
Aivvy&Yuvvy's house. After that my mom
come fetch me :) 
25 dec, Sunday going to celeb pretty Wei Liz's birthday :D 
Can't wait hahas~    :D 

Weeeeee, this Friday go China with my family. 
And Sin Thwa too! hehe, get to meet her.  :D 

" WHAT TO WEAR ?!?! "